woensdag 23 maart 2011

This dude can throw a ball...

Holy cow! That kid knows how to work his balls :D

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PvtCarlin zei

You are very correct in titling this post! LOL

tobiasroehmer zei

oh thats impressive

CandleintheDark zei

That was awesome!

-DO- zei

wow great video

Red13 zei


ValveWorld zei

Epic skills!

psyke zei

I could never pull that off. Awesome

Lenny zei

crazy stuff!!


frogbound zei

Holy sheeet!

Venus zei

someone hire him to play football!!!

thenitefalls zei

That kid has insane aim! He's going to be a future football player I bet you :D!

Pawt zei

That kid is a stud. Following!

Devon Davidson zei

Nice one. I wish I could do that.

Raw zei

Wow that's impressive!
Especially for how young he is!

Bramen zei

Gonna be a sick QB in the future.

Colin B zei

Suddenly I feel inferior to a 13 year old :(

Lhosreiff zei

Pretty impressive.

dreamatlantic zei

That kid is a beaaaaast

Malkavian zei

Wow, this kid is a future quarterback for the NFL

drumtalker zei

Wow, that kid is awesome. Haha.

anonyn zei

holy sh*t, he's good

Friendship Man zei

Ha ha oh man. This is amazing.

TheKing zei

DAMN! That's crazy!

hedgehogger zei

nice throwing :D wish I could do the same

Moob zei


SPojs zei

That's crazy, cool post you've made here! Supported!

nasbaumscorner zei

damn i wish i could do that

jamierod.rodriguez zei

Damn, I wish I could accomplish that :S

ds zei

Wow! Especially that throw to the wall and then to the basket, incredible. :o

Mike James zei

hahahah great post like always
you bro never failed to amaze me

Check out mine and let me know what you think!
I look forward to your contribution

meeples zei

Very impressive, awesome throwing! Followed!

Bassislv zei

lol what a crazy vid

Adventures of Life zei

I wonder how long this took and how many tries?

Chuck zei

^ A lot!

G zei

Great skills - I'm sure we'll seem him the NLF in a few years. Nice music as well especially the Arctic Monkeys

Thatoneguy zei

lmao, now thats crazy.

tehturtle zei

oh my god! this kid is crazy!

IzzoSkizzy zei

Wish I was that badass. I'd get all the chicks.



Every Day zei

mad mad skills.

Stare Dad zei

Holy shit that kid can play handegg!

Rabidmoose zei

Impressive, and nice title.

Copyboy zei


ed zei

hes good- throws a perfect spiral way better than me

Tyrone zei

Dead impressive! Love it!

Necroticism zei

Haha, yeah, he can.

Sam zei

Crazy and Impressive!

Nicole✗✗ zei

Damn!! That is impressive!!

Robert Fünf zei

Wow! That's impressive for anyone. Much less, someone that young.

mac-and-me zei

impressive skills
or fake

BaronV3ndetta zei

what a pro

junior zei

That guy is nuts!

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