maandag 28 maart 2011

National surprise anal day for me.

I am having a crap ass day today! I broke a toe this week and it hurts like getting surprise butt-sex from a 6 foot 8 tall black dude. Seriously. Plus some friend stabbed me in the back. I feel like swearing today. To support this: here's a nice little pic of my feelings today:

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YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

i'm here btw ;)

Ingönyama zei

so some large black dude already did you in the butt

Nina zei

I broke my toe once. I missed out on a roller skating birthday party. Toes blow.

Colin B zei

>it hurts like getting surprise butt-sex from a 6 foot 8 tall black dude.

i know that feeling, man

Zeek zei


Kenzie zei

:/ sucks to hear about your toe man, I hope you feel better. Didn't they give you any drugs for the pain?

jamierod.rodriguez zei

^Just don't hug him from behind today.

Anoniem zei

aww! lol hope your day gets better. funny picture btw xD

Knifer zei

Which toe? That can make a big difference.

Idiosyncrasy and FASHION = ME zei

lmfoa so true and funny...Fantastic blog

..Check out my blog, and follow if you like....

Anoniem zei

;w; i need a hug

Stromatose zei

ouch.... thats a pain

Stare Dad zei

hahaha. that sucks. I know what you feel.

Electric Addict zei

ouch that blows

Moob zei

why is his height significant

Kamran zei

damn, surprise butt-sex from a six food eight black guy would be pretty painful. I feel for you

Venus zei

"surprise butt-sex from a 6 foot 8 tall black dude" OMG LOL...
hope your day turns up better.

Anoniem zei

Lol great humor here but you really experienced that?! That sucks =/

las3R zei

Yeah, my day isn't any better man. Friend I treated like a brother fucking sideswiped me, etc etc. Shady people now days.

Rabidmoose zei

Nice analogy, hope tomorrow is better for you!

ed zei

it hurts like getting surprise butt-sex from a 6 foot 8 tall black dude
^ lmao i was like lmao, sounds like youre speaking from experience

The Speaker zei

This sounds awful. Hope you get better.

Bart zei

lol i love it

EmoGoth zei

I'm sorry you know what surprise anal sex feels like.

Nicole✗✗ zei

Ha, nice. I hope it gets better.

Adam zei

Try 'strong pain' paracetamol. They tip a few mg of codeine in for extra kick, and it makes things *much* better.

christopher zei

well, i feel offended ;_;

vashrave zei

cheer up!! and laugh at
my gif.

psyke zei

6 foot 8 tall black dude reporting in.

mac-and-me zei

hope you feel better

Janez zei

Haha I can't belive you actually wrote that :D good luck mate

Patti D. zei

So sad to hear that.

Lehan zei

I can totally relate to this picture.

freddieblue1 zei

lol nice pic sometimes i feel like that

Justin testing zei

Toes are just in the way of success!

PvtCarlin zei

Why so serious?

Rob zei

I should have been aware of this day :O I could have made my girlfriend very unhappy for a second. lol

Toto zei

haha very funny!

Dade zei

Wow that sounds awful.

CandleintheDark zei

That does sound like a bad day! :(

Tibble zei

Ouch! ice it!

MxC zei

like your hunour! :D


Malkavian zei

DAMN, hope today you feel a bit better, that title of your post there expresses your pain and agony pretty clear.

Bassislv zei

this sucks bro zei

hahah suprice but sex allways sucks, i feel for u!

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