dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Ah, internet, I love you.

Some funny shit I found online today. I'm pretty high on painkillers and so tired I could laugh at a cactus all day. I love you, people who post crazy stuff on the internet.

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Necroticism zei

Damn it... I had the voices of the actors inside my head on the first pic xD

troy zei

Man, that just made my day! Actions do speak louder than wombats!

Tibble zei

Haha the Harry Potter one was good

mac-and-me zei

lol :D

Colin B zei


Adam zei

You know, a youtube video of you laughing hysterically at a cactus would actually be pretty funny. You should do it!

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

the autocorrectfail is funny as hell!

The Speaker zei

Haha really enjoyed this post. Keep it funny.

-E- zei

do it and then post it here!

cool_cicler zei

more nice pictures? You should show more

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) zei

Wombats! Hahaha!

BTN Hip Hop zei

haha ive been screwed over by auto text

Idiosyncrasy +DTRW... zei

i cant tell anyone yet ... its apart of my japan appeal project... ??? im making some thing to sell and donate the money to japan!! and thats whats in my hand... lol

Stare Dad zei

oh man the first one LOLOLOLOL

ed zei

yes, my anus is ready for some sweet loving

Moob zei


thenitefalls zei

LOL at the awesome text

Nina zei

baby potter all up in your shit

Alexis zei

These are excellent. Where did you pick them up?

50 Yen zei

anus are you ready

Copyboy zei

One was really naughty. Not saying which one.

The Emancipator zei

I did indeed lol.

Cindy zei

I love the internet too!!!

TheStamos zei

wombats are actually the noisiest creature on the western hemisphere! lol jk i have no idea

Bart zei

wombats speak quite loud, id know, i met em at the zoo. after hours

Jay.CA zei

who is that girl? i want to follow her blog. :)

Rob zei

lol at the auto correct one.

Venus zei

funny. thanks for sharing.

Nicole✗✗ zei

Hahaha! Nice. haha

Josh zei

Love that actions speak louder than wombats

The Game Store Guy zei

Actions speak louder than wombats. XD

Kim Anders zei

haha ^^

Anita Johnson zei

Great vids haha. Yeah, give us the name of the girl and her blog! Come check me out, alphabetalife.blogspot.com

Glovey zei

Haha made me chuckle for some reason! :D

freddieblue1 zei

lol random stuff

Every Day zei


Thatoneguy zei

lol'd hard @ the Pokemon one and the Iphone text pic. xD

Goregrindmadness zei

haha my body is ready

CandleintheDark zei

lol these are all great

Jeffery zei

That last girl is a BTICH lol but the rest was funny!

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