vrijdag 25 maart 2011

That is one Tightey Whitey!

Jesus Dude! You should... become president or something! :D

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Stevesonaplane zei

Michael Cera? I heard this guy is pretty well known in the slam poetry circuit.

CandleintheDark zei

That was pretty epic

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

awesome! :)

Toto zei

he's soo cool!


Colin B zei

god that cat looks so soft

Asty zei

suprisingly good

Big Unicorn zei



mac-and-me zei

lol wat
he is not bad

Stare Dad zei

haha. it was really nice

Knifer zei

down to my....knees. That was great.

Anoniem zei

This guy raps so fast I can definitely hear the Eminem influence!

ed zei

saw this before, he's insane

Anoniem zei

Hehe, tha was fast!

Bart zei

i want to punch this kid in the mouth :D

Moob zei


The Game Store Guy zei

I have no idea what he was saying but that was just amazing.

Every Day zei

...fast. couldn't catch half of what he said.

Merkin zei

I seen this a couple of months ago, it's pretty amazing..

Anoniem zei

kitttttttty! my goodness he raps so fast x__x hahaha you go gay baby!

taio zei

tare de tot

psyke zei

When I pressed that play button I was expecting another lame white boy. He was really awesome.

Electric Addict zei

lol intense. I think he slightly sped up the video though. still good!

The Speaker zei

haha this was different that is all i will say.

Anita Johnson zei

Wow he is insane man.

Ano zei

when I started the video I expected not so much, so I was really blown away! that guy is amazing.

Nicole✗✗ zei

That was badass!! I want to shake his hand!!

Anita Johnson zei

Great rapper!

Danny Murphy zei

White people, for the most part, should not rap having said that I enjoyed it

TheHarvester zei

lol wow i did not expect this

Hattiwatti zei

Reminds me of that one Chinese rapper, who was pretty fast, that you couldn't even follow the lyrics.

Red13 zei

Wow.. could barely even read as fast as he was talking

Choms1337 zei

hehe he is SO FAST :D

Daedalus Shepard zei

Wow this kid is awesome. Followed.

Fearthezebra zei

HE is amazing!

Photo Blog zei

Wait what?! how when who, i cant get it how can he rap that fast?

Jellybro zei

haha i know this video, good post!

Lost.in.Idaho zei

That's the first time I've ever heard "giggity giggity" in a rap. This kid is awesome!

Janez zei

Haha he's really good

Glovey zei

Love the video man! Awesome stuff thanks for sharing!

Glovey zei

Love the video man! Awesome stuff thanks for sharing!

Kamran zei

He is crazy fast, i dont know how a person can talk that fast =P

Venus zei

can´t believe I actually like it hahaha

Rob zei

that was awesome.

SR zei

He went very hard in the paint with that rap /wakareference.

Nice post :D

Rabidmoose zei

He did a really awesome job there.

amBored zei

insane video :D got me

Breedlma zei

Man this kid is awesome fast! Pretty cool!

G zei

Lol...what the???

PvtCarlin zei

I totally agree, this cat is brilliant.

Kenzie zei

Geeeez thats ridiculous!

R. Cutts zei

haha he does that so well!
what an adorable cat lol ;D

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