woensdag 30 maart 2011

Let's get our crazy drinking pants on!

WODKA FLAVOURED JELLY SHOTS! My treat! Party's only just getting started boys.

 Next up: Wodka flavoured gummibears.

Rickrolled pie for dessert! 

See you there bitches. 

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http://dasmeistro.blogspot.com zei

You get sloppy drunk, I stay whiskey neat
My clique should be cancelled... Freaks and Geeks

CandleintheDark zei

Man those are awesome jello shots. What a damn cool idea

freddieblue1 zei

mmm, all my pants are drinking pants :P

DisposedCheese zei

This is soooo kool. where's the party at.

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

long live jelly shots!

vashrave zei

dude...I have had very strong bears....so nasty lol

Ing├Ânyama zei

two bottles tequila up in dis muddafugga!!

psyke zei

LOL I'm gonna rickroll somebodies birthday now

MxC zei

niiiiiicepost! thank you!

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Toto zei

nice! the wodka combined with gummibear flavor!


Asty zei

those are so siiiick

Every Day zei

1st one loooks like a lot of work for drinking. :| I'm a lazy bum.

Thatoneguy zei

Time to get wasted! :D

-E- zei

"see you there bitches" -- classic

TheLanderson27 zei

That cake is awesome! must try that haha

R. Cutts zei

i am licking my screen currently.. i love your colourful vodka concoctions

mac-and-me zei

this is awesome :3

Tibble zei

How are they staying in the oranges? waht?

taio zei


EmoGoth zei

Those jello shots in the orange peel look amazing.

Colin B zei

mmmmmm, gummy bears ;_;

amBored zei

partyin partyin fun fun

John A.S. zei

can't wait! :D see u at the partyyy!

thenitefalls zei

LOL I'm getting that on my cake for my birthday!

Moob zei


BTN Hip Hop zei

man i never thought to put them in orange peels, how do you make the gummy bears?

vibe zei

i will eat thoes till i die, follow back

Dade zei

I could go for some of those vodka gummy bears right about now.

Justin testing zei

I wish someone would dessert me right now :3 nomnom

LunaSihne zei

Wow. Pretty awesome. Haha. I Don't drink though :/

Kevings zei

Haha, seriously, i feel drunk just looking at the pictures :P

Electric Addict zei

looks like fun :)

Hattiwatti zei


Stare Dad zei

i want that cake for my birthday

troy zei

makes me want a cocktail now- too tired and lazy to make jello shots. yours look good,tho

G zei

great post - loving the pie!

Necroticism zei

Desert youu. I want a pie like that!! but vodka flavoured.

Copyboy zei

Now I've officially seen it all.

Raw zei

Now this is my kind of party!

Adam zei

Those shots are awesome!

Rob zei

Jello shots in fruit?!


I love alcoholic gummy bears.

phlegming zei

these are some awesomely ridiculous party favors

Nina zei

I would go to this fucking party.

cool_cicler zei

You got me rickrolled... Damn!

JapRoulette zei


ed zei

mmm tasty, pie looks good too

GalvatronIsDead zei

Jello shots in orange peels? That's fucking awesome!

Bart zei

vodka flavor kinda sucks

Rabidmoose zei

That sure adds some kick to gummy bears.

POP! zei

my drinking pants are officially on.

Nicole✗✗ zei

Holy shit that is awesome!! I want those jello shots!!

Body1 zei

Mmmmmmmm my appetite is her !!!!

fallowing and supporting


las3R zei

Have you tried vodka skittles ;D

John Clipper zei

Do a tutorial on how to make? Or is it pretty self-explanatory?

The Game Store Guy zei

The Jello Shots look delicious, but Vodka flavored Gummibears sound...awful. I guess I'd just have to try one.

Patti D. zei

Those look too hard to do.

T. Roger Thomas zei

But do you have any of that beer with the skittles floating around in it... you know, Skittlebrau?

TreeBranchez zei

I'm sooo gonna make those at my next house party!

Goregrindmadness zei

:o...i dont want to imagen how the vomit would looks like after this jelly stuff


very colorfull post :D

skinned sheep zei

i want all of that

Banacek zei

When I'm drinking, my pants usually come off.

YellowNiceTechno zei

kickass party

Anita Johnson zei

LMAO at the cake! Check me out, alphabetalife.blogspot.com

Anita Johnson zei

I want that damn cake! Check me out, alphabetalife.blogspot.com

Zeek zei

Freaking laughed out loud for real there! I bet it would be a hell of a party!

Very clever! ROFL motherfing COPTER!

Venus zei

alcohol and high doses of sugar, awesome. I want to try it all.

Anonymouse zei

the cake is a lie!!!

Nick zei

Rickrolled by a baked good...low blow.

troy zei

you really are too much, butt my ol' lady would kick your ass, make you wish for that 6'8" dude...

Glovey zei

Your work on this blog is great! keep it up!

TheHarvester zei

these gums look DE-LI-CI-OUS

Patres zei

Lol. Those are pretty good... want them for a party

Blair zei

Looks like a cool way of drinking

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Endless zei

Hahahaha the cake :D

The Old Master zei

Jello shots look delicious.

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