donderdag 24 maart 2011

Dang 99 followers! (but the bitch ain't one!)

I would do a dance like this if I could (don't worry, I can't), for you, my followers!
Thank you all!

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Nicole✗✗ zei

Okay so I just love your title to this post! That is awesome! P.S. Love the dance haha!!

hedgehogger zei

Grats! 100 soon :P

TheLanderson27 zei

congratulations on the followers :)

Jay.CA zei

nice beat.

congrats on the 99!

Zed zei


CandleintheDark zei


mac-and-me zei


psyke zei

I guess I'm the 100th! Keep up the good work.

Kim Anders zei

haa that vid, was on belgian tv few years ago :x

PvtCarlin zei

So so true. Congrats mate!

Bart zei

lmfao terrible music, with a terrible dance and awful haircuts. 2012 is real, these vids are proof.

John A.S. zei

gratz on the followers, but hate tecktonikers :D

Rob zei


Toto zei


Lenny zei


12 zei

nice video, thanks for the ad btw.


Crazyy guyyy zei

Think i may try learn this xD

alka42 zei

That dancing! :D

Tibble zei

+1 follow - now you're well over!!

jamierod.rodriguez zei

Now you're at 106 followers! :P
And damn, those guys have skill!

The Speaker zei

This video was awful and great at the same time. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the followers glad to be one of them.

Knifer zei

Broke the hundred barrier, wow!

Ingönyama zei

nice title, it made me laugh +1 fololololer

L i l y zei

Nice! So motivated to make my own dance video now ;D too bad i can't dance -o-

amBored zei

congrats :)

MxC zei

i love yelle! so good! :)

Thatoneguy zei

Congratz on your 99 :P. Good job.

DisposedCheese zei

Time to dance like this...

ÄnäriBlog zei

that is how you get the ladies!

Copyboy zei

That this is some pretty mint moves.

Justin testing zei

He kinda dances like a chick..

Cody zei

lol'd...boys got the moves

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Holly Jolly zei


Fearthezebra zei

Some day i will dance like that :[ -Following

junior zei

Fist pumping so hard right now! This song is the jam.

Leanora's Blog zei

That video is amazing I wish I could dance like that, plus the song had a catchy tune.

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