zondag 27 maart 2011

Smart ass kids these days

Is it my imagination running away with me or is that kid reading? It can't even talk! Geez....

p.s.: like the 90's outfit dad!

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Photo Blog zei

haha the kid is like a dog xD funny as heck!

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

I want that kid :p

Jellybro zei

The baby can read!

Lehan zei

Hehe, cute kid :)

The Speaker zei

This was interesting always good posts.

Rabidmoose zei

Yeah that is one smart kid.

Rob zei


LunaSihne zei

I still doubt that that is real.

ed zei

whered you find this video of me?

CandleintheDark zei

lol that was great

Knifer zei

It's the fluoride in the water. Makin crazy smart babies and giving us cancer.

Colin B zei

pffft, i was writing plays by time i was 7 months old.

GalvatronIsDead zei

I doubt it's legitimately reading. Likely it recognizes the letters as symbols, and its father accordingly lets it know what that means. It's like teaching a chimp. They'll understand things to some concept, but while it's reading it's not going to process the actual words, only the visual symbols and what its trainer (father) tells it they mean.

Then again what do I know, I'm no baby scientist.

Electric Addict zei

lol nice trained at an early age!

Necroticism zei

That's an awesome way to stimulate a child!

Zeek zei

I have a feeling that the kid featured here may, in the near future, RULE THE WORLD.

We NEED to keep our eyes on him. Seriously.

Nicole✗✗ zei

No way!! So awesome!

Venus zei

lovely. I want a kid like that.

The Game Store Guy zei

I think this is probably just associative training more than it probably is reading.

Stare Dad zei

he is trained. Like a dog.

Justin testing zei

I wonder how old he is :o

vidoblogo zei

he is a pro.

Dade zei

Maybe I should reconsider having kids. This looks fun.

Hattiwatti zei


Patti D. zei

that is amazing!

Goregrindmadness zei

a baby genious :D

psyke zei

@Colin B. Don't believe you@

Chuck zei


-E- zei

i have to agree with LunaSihne. no way this is real.

Thatoneguy zei

Smart kid indeed.

Glovey zei

Love the video man! Awesome stuff thanks for sharing!

Bassislv zei

lol crazy kid

John A.S. zei

cute kid!

Tibble zei

haha what did I just watch?!

MxC zei

whaat?.. nice!



Toto zei

he's the king!


Lemmiwinks zei

great post. following you

Cody zei

Too cool, must memorize the shapes

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L i l y zei

Oh my goodness. i feeel stupid now O.o
that baby is a genius!

He's gonna be really smart when he gets older.

http://dasmeistro.blogspot.com zei

HAHA still funny, its like a animal xD

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