zondag 3 april 2011

Toes before ho's.

I am back! So sorry to have been gone for two days, but I've been wheeling myself around from here to there the past few days. Just HATING this cast. Poor toes.
I've been reading up on some cool Iphone rumors today. Most of them seem complete bullcrap, but some of them seem pretty possible... what do you guys think?

love ya like a sister. :)

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Anoniem zei

Welcome back man! I think if the iPhone 5 got 3D, the iPhone will be the number #1 phone on the market!

Fang zei

I laughed at the physical keyboard. Yeah, sure.

Also, the home button is something typical for apple's touch-devices, so I don't think they'll be doing away with it. That, and it would be more easy to accidentally click

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

nice :)

mac-and-me zei

we will see
but 100% no new design and for sure no higher resolution, wheres the point in having higher then pixel free?

Malkavian zei

im with the nitefalls but i dont own a decent cell phone so what do i know...

Parallel-Reality Hero zei

I'm still not sold about iPhones. But an iPad, sure, I'll get it.

John A.S. zei

I'm so going to buy the iPhone 5!

Stare Dad zei

wow i love this.

Jellybro zei

cool iphone 5 sorry about your cast

Lost.in.Idaho zei

I dunno, I'd like a slider.... But that's just me.

Colin B zei

Prepare to see iphone 5's on ebay for a thousand dollars :(

Endless zei

nice roundup

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) zei

Great information! I love rumors about geek stuff.

hedgehogger zei

looking nice! thanks for the info :)

SOMS zei

Smooth device, got one myself! nice read.

G zei

lol I hope it comes out soon my contract is almost up on my 3gs

PvtCarlin zei

So...why not just buy a computer for the same price?

BTN Hip Hop zei

looks good, i may spring for one if this delivers

-E- zei

nah it'll be the same squishy POS as the last one

Rabidmoose zei

Some of that stuff could be really cool, if it was real.

ed zei

looking good though apple will probably top this

LunaSihne zei

Interesting rumors.

Moob zei

makes my phone look like crap

CandleintheDark zei

This looks really awesome

Beau Thompson zei

Ungh! Take that - to all the n00bs who have the crappy iphone4

Electric Addict zei

good post! I'm stuck between choosing an android or an iphone and this helps me decide :)

~DS zei

Can't wait, really hope they integrate that physical keyboard

Venus zei

I just hope it brings a Bigger Screen!

Jay.CA zei

hmmmm.... i'll wait for iphone 6. :D

Anoniem zei

More things that I don't need. All I want is music with me all the time hehehe :)

The Game Store Guy zei

While cool, I think I might be forced towards the Android Xperia.

R. Cutts zei

^i have an xperia x10 and upgrading to xperia arc soon.. never been an iphone fan myself.. They just never seem to deliver what they say..


Wow thanks mate :D

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