vrijdag 8 april 2011

Snooki time bitches.

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mac-and-me zei

it's a jersey thing

Anoniem zei

Steal a plant, really? lol nice one snooki

amBored zei

wise words :D fun fun fun

Grafted zei


The Old Master zei


Janez zei

Lol, I loved her in one of the Southpark episodes

duffboi zei

Geeze, as if we could ever get enough Snooki :P

-E- zei

we had a plant stolen at my house recently. not cool.

Banacek zei

Please no. Not the Snooki!

Nina zei

blehhh. she's so little and weird.

jamierod.rodriguez zei

That's just... ridiculous. I can see stealing something useful or stealing something risky when drunk. But a plant?

Stare Dad zei

Meanwhile on New Jersey..

Colin B zei

i love having sex with old men!

blaack zei

I hate here

Rob zei

I want to punch her into another universe.

LunaSihne zei

Gah. Snokie.

G zei

my kinda girl

Voit zei

SO this is why I had sex three times already this night and half of my garden is missing. Back in ole '44 this would not have happened...

ed zei

i wonder what she looks like w/out makeup+tan

Moob zei

what an interesting outlook on life

John zei

I love snooki, she's my favorite on the show.

Patres zei

I just wanna know how someone like this have a shit load of money.

gangsignslol zei

classy as hell

Jessica Thompson zei

Lmao seoriusly what the hell, people watch this show?

Wayward Disposition zei

<3 love snookie. I could stare at her all day long.

CandleintheDark zei

ugh, no comment

loldude zei


C Mo Gunz zei

oh man i hate snookie! She's soooo dumb. Good post though, nice blog! Followed! :)

#19 zei

Snooki visited Rutgers a while back..

here's my hilarious take on it:


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