zaterdag 9 april 2011

Hangout time!

At home, just hanging out in front of the fire, watching a movie and checking out some funny pics of an artist I found online ^^ Have a nice weekend guys :)

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Anoniem zei

Lol liking what the present is saying!

Stare Dad zei

hahaha the octupus one is awesome

Nina zei

I loked the "i love you but you can't put it in my butt" one.

TheStamos zei

lolol at the puntastic worm one

LunaSihne zei

Sounds like alot of fun.
Cute pictures.

mac-and-me zei

:3 zei

My ex wife was the "I love you but you can't put it in my butt" one. Now, my gf is the "Whatever you want, my dearest" type. :D

Colin B zei

Who does these? :O

Grafted zei

Lol, I love these

Major.Mack zei

tee hee!

ed zei

octopus looks sad

Moob zei

these all look great

JapRoulette zei

Haha nice pictures!

DisposedCheese zei

haha these are soo weird.

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) zei

Impending doom! Nice!

Jay zei

congrats hannah!

psyke zei

Love only extends till someone asks for buttsekz.

Glovey zei

Great post! I hope you keep up this excellent blogging! :)

Adam zei

Haha, love it.

Fang zei

Who's the artist? Great sense of humor~

Ingönyama zei

lol! you can't put it in my butt xDDDD

Tibble zei

HAHA I really liked the impending sense of doom one

BTN Hip Hop zei

awesome pictures love that naive draw style

-E- zei

lmao at the last one!

cool_cicler zei

My girl will love this kind of artwork. You should post more of this next time. Thanks man.

Anoniem zei

"...or you ain't getting shit" hahaa, I was a good boy D:

G zei

haha cool post!

Jessy zei

Octopus with Socks, hahaha funny

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei


John A.S. zei

Nice weekend prinses consuela!!

tomynica zei

Who makes those xd Nice blog, follow

duffboi zei

Some weird and cute pics there.

Kempai zei

so awesome. I love bloggers who draw and post!

Venus zei

nice drawings. very funny.

Schla.mp3 zei

funny comics!

Tweeks Coffee zei


Toto zei


Bart zei

lol these comics are terrible, yet i still laughed at em

Rob zei

that last one, that won me over, they were all great but the last one was top notch.

Malkavian zei

Looks like some get well cards cool

Mark zei

Lol, these are great. "I love you, but you can't put it in my butt. Ever". Genius

Kenzie zei

I hate this.

Discovery Underground zei

Wow love the pics!

The Game Store Guy zei

Hehe. It's getting a little worm in here.

Janez zei

I ain't getting shit for Chirstmas ... :P

Patti D. zei

impending doom? have fun and enjoy the fireplace, I love them.

Jessica Thompson zei

Aww cute pictures!

Banacek zei

Clever pictures! What movie did you watch?

Matt Neumann zei

Welcome back! hope you and a great weekend!

vidoblogo zei

ahhah perfect

Rabidmoose zei

I like the art style a lot.

Chris Popplewell zei

nice :)

Blair zei

Great post! Keep up the great blog, I'll be sure to return :)

Electric Addict zei


Alan zei

lol cute pics

Hattiwatti zei

Heh, nice pics.

gangsignslol zei

lol @ hannah

Zeek zei

HA! That stuff hits home!

Anoniem zei

"You're not special" XD

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