donderdag 14 april 2011

Crazy chicks and need of drunkness.

Hey guys!
I'm so sorry I've been out for a while. I've been working like craaaaazy! Gotta keep the dollars comming ;) Slowely driving me crazy. On the other hand..I'm not as crazy as this chick right here. Somebody should shake her. Still love you guys tho ^^

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Tibble zei

She needs more than shaking, erugh.

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

you mean euro's :p
crazy chick..

Rob zei

That is weird, there are so many strange things human nature can bring about.

Lemmiwinks zei

great post as always

mac-and-me zei

hey still alive hu? :)

Colin Biano zei
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Patres zei

Eating your own hair can be dangerous...!

-E- zei

consuela, you're back!

Quetopia zei

I love the disclaimer.

Venus zei

oh gee, poor girl!!!!

G zei


Jay zei

wow, that was... wow.

Moobeat zei


50 Yen zei

Saw that before. Nasty shit :S

Anoniem zei

She should just shave her head, problem solved!

Copyboy zei

I dated a girl who did that. ugh. Sad.

ed zei

wow she has problems

D4 zei

I have a friend with that. I love her! :/ I miss her too, dammit

Fang zei

The poor girl'll get haiirballs D:

­­ wang zei

that's kind of weird mate

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hit me back bro

Body1 zei


Great post BRO!!

The Game Store Guy zei

I've heard of this problem...It's on par with the young women who cut themselves and such. It's just another means of dealing with stress in a destructive manner. :/

vidoblogo zei

uaaaa, that's.... nasty.

duffboi zei

youch. that's a sucky problem she has.

Banacek zei

I saw this on tv and you are right, it's pretty crazy.

Anoniem zei


Toto zei

nice! youre back!

Atley zei

THIS SHOW ROCKS! I love the woman who eats couch cussions.... soooo WEIRD but i love it.

Rabidmoose zei

That's pretty odd.

TheLanderson27 zei

awful condition :( feel for anyone who has this

cool_cicler zei

Hope she get´s treated for this. She looks like a really nice girl and some help would help her to settle with her little daughter.

Patwa zei

woa crazy

bipolar bear zei

lol. some people eh?

Malkavian zei

im with patres hair can form a BALL in your intestines and you would need surgery to remove that block Nasty stuff

Zed zei

Hahaha wtf

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